Misconceptions surrounding deafness mean that hearing people are often reluctant to interact with people from the Deaf community. As a result, Deaf people often feel excluded and isolated from wider society.


Use typography to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing communities, encouraging people outside the Deaf community to increase their understanding of deafness by learning some British Sign Language. 


School children / teachers 


People from outside the Deaf community feel ill-equipped to communicate with Deaf people.


Handslator is typeface combining BSL Fingerspelling and the English Alphabet. It aims to equip hearing students with the basic means to initiate a conversation, giving them the confidence to better interact with the Deaf community and in doing so, help Deaf students to feel more included and represented. 


Handslator focusses on providing people with the basic tools to form words and phrases. It is designed to be simple, meaning it can be taught and learnt without any previous sign language knowledge and applied in many different ways within the classroom. 


World Deaf Day is observed on the 23rd of September, celebrating the Deaf community and Deaf culture. To honour the day, posters were created to challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the UK and encourage people to have a go at learning BSL. 

Social media stickers were also produced. They are designed to be applied to social media users' posts and stories, creating a fun way to spread Sign Language and Deaf culture within the digital sphere.