As the first youth-orientated mobile network, Voxi is pushing market boundaries by structuring an entire network around a young, online generation. To prove their commitment to 16-25 year olds, they’re age-restricted to consumers under 30, with flexible, sim-only plans providing unlimited access to social media and messaging services. 


Communicate Voxi’s flexible, youth-orientated services to position Voxi as the brand that reflects the needs of young people. 


16-25 year olds 


1) Growing preference for flexibility over fixed term contracts


2) The ways in which we communicate are changing. 


A Plan for the Un-Planned is a copy led advertising campaign to redefine the idea of the mobile plan. With much of our lives now based on our phones, mobile networks need to do more to accommodate this.


Voxi’s flexible, endless social media data plans are designed to reflect the way young people use their phones and aim to prove that whether you’re sending drunken texts to your ex, or oversharing your cat on Twitter - Voxi has a plan to suit you. 


o2’s network outage provided the perfect opportunity for Voxi to challenge one of the biggest mobile networks in the UK. 

The ad will be delivered via Voxi’s personal Twitter account.